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Hey it's Roger,

the story began somewhere in Tel Aviv at a  hot July, the desire to cool down the throat and make the heart happy made Roger to  start brewing his own beer: Birra Roger.

And from the first moment everybody falls in love with the taste.

Enjoy the rich taste, a unique combination of barley, wheat and fruity hops, giving a strong aroma and freshness.

Roger's Beer is fermented for the first time in the brewery and again in the bottle itself. This process gives it a pleasant lightness that envelops each sip.

Roger's Beer is a Tel Avivian amber ale, with 6.5% alcohol, the drinking is an experience in itself and it goes fine with every delicacy.

At the bottom of each bottle accumulated a yeast layer, which is natural and tasty

For maximum enjoyment, Roger recommends cooling the beer properly, pour into a glass and take a deep breath before the first taste



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